For many people, Spider-Man is their favourite superhero. He manages to marry being a total bad-ass with abilities we’d give our left leg for, and being a relatable normal guy to which being a superhero is a difficulty he could sometimes do without. It’s that marriage that we want to see Insomniac really emphasise in their new game.

Now, we, like everyone else, really want to web-swing through Nee York City. In fact, we’re currently sitting at our computer making the distinctive hand gestures and dreaming about swinging through times square, with the glowing lights around us and the yellow taxis below us. Obviously, no Spider-Man game worth its salt would deny us that. So there is no reason to expect Insomniac’s too.


Rather than placing an emphasis on web-swinging, combat and the other mechanics that make up a brilliant Spider-Man game, we would rather Insomniac put a focus on what makes the web-head so relatable. Picture the scene: you are swinging through New York on your way to a bank robbery or another generic crime when your phone rings and it’s your love interest. You’ve already let her down three times this week and she is not happy. While the game doesn’t have to force you to make a decision between stopping a crime and meeting your girlfriend, the mere fact that Peter Parker, not Spider-Man, is put in that position lends a more weight to your actions and allows the player to become more invested in both sides of Spider-Man’s story. After all, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are two sides of the same coin. You can’t have one without the other and at some point, you will have to pick a side. Actually playing as Peter Parker maybe taking it a bit too far in that respect, after all, we want to be Spider-Man, no? But reminding players that there are weight to your actions as both Peter and Spider-Man differentiates him from other superheroes like Batman (the caped crusader never had the relationship troubles Spider-Man has).

Insomniac’s Spider-Man game must be more about both the hero and the man behind the mask if it is going to really resonate with people.

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