If it wasn’t obvious already, WWE like Baron Corbin. Already the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Corbin is on the up on SmackDown Live, with only Jinder Mahal and Kevin Owens as higher heel’s on the card. But where Mahal’s rise has a lot to do with WWE expanding into India, Corbin’s has a more long-term vibe about it. Entered in Sunday’s Money In The Bank, Corbin is the bookie’s favourite to win, and that’s all right by us, we believe he’s the best choice to win.


Frankly, it looks like this Money in The Bank is a one horse race in favour of Corbin. The other competitors in the match, either don’t need the briefcase, don’t deserve the briefcase, or will add nothing to the briefcase. AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura do not need the briefcase. They are main event dream match machines who should be at the top of the card on merit. Dolph Ziggler doesn’t deserve the briefcase. While his heel performances have been good, we’ve been there and done that with a Dolph cash in. Kevin Owens will add nothing to the briefcase. Already the US Champion (and the face of America) the briefcase will just be a burden on Owens. He has the chance to legitimately make the US belt the top belt on SmackDown Live, why give him something else to hold precious. Put him in a proper feud with Shinsuke and watch the money roll in. That leaves our old mate Sami Zayn. Now, with Sami Zayn’s character being a bit *ahem* zany, the briefcase could work. Sami could over-analyse how and when to cash in. He would also be the ultimate underdog, aka, Daniel Bryan. But Sami’s character is so hit and miss with the fans that it feels too early to give him the briefcase, though we would not be saddened if he does win.


If Corbin is the only choice, what makes him the best choice? Simply, the briefcase will work with his character. Many moons ago when Edge won and then cashed in his Money In The Bank briefcase, it worked to his ultimate opportunist character. It got him over big. Clearly, Corbin is not marketed as the ultimate opportunist in the vain of Edge, but he is marketed as a calculating, cocky lone wolf. Having him attack the champion from behind, only to relent from cashing in at the last second could easily be an ongoing storyline. It would make a nice change of pace from people just carrying around the briefcase without adding to it or not letting it add to them. Baron could hold onto the briefcase for a long time, waiting, calculating and, most importantly, playing mind games with the encumbered champion. Or, they could have him play the generic briefcase winner and have him opportunistically cash-in. But, that doesn’t suit the cocky side of his character. Using the briefcase as character enhancement is paramount to its success. Last year Dean Ambrose won it and cashed in on Seth Rollins the same night. That worked to both Deans character and an ongoing storyline. Perfect. The WWE can to do the same with Corbin.




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