Video game Christmas is over! As E3 closes its doors for another year, we here at Purple Reptiles thought we would give out some prestigious (and not so prestigious) awards.


Apart from some bright spots–A Way Out and Janina Gavankar for example–, EA’s press conference was plodding, and in some parts, uncomfortable to watch. Practically saved by the aforementioned Gavankar, EA would have done well to have her host the whole thing. Instead, we got the same old spiel about annualised sports games and a New Need For Speed. EA even failed to show anything of their big new IP, instead leaving that to Microsoft. EA get the Tortoise Award for the slowest, most boring E3 press conference.


The Komodo Dragon is the biggest of our brethren, so its award goes to the biggest announcement of E3. That honour belongs to Microsoft and the Xbox One X (yup, we know it’s a terrible name). The Xbox Scorpio was the most anticipated reveal of E3. People wanted to know the form factor and more important, the price. Microsoft, delivered on all that, so as a reward, they get the Purple Reptiles Komodo Dragon award.


The Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer somewhat snuck under the radar. Not revealed at any press conference, Square Enix, quietly dropped the trailer this past Sunday. It received great fanfare when people, including us, realised. We won’t get into the specifics of the trailer, but we will award the trailer the Purple Reptiles Lizard Award, for being a quick, understated reveal.


On the surface, the Snake Award might not sound the nicest award, but snakes get a bad rep and we intend to rectify that. The Snake Award is awarded to something that slithered up out of nowhere and grabbed our attention. The Pokemon Switch reveal was just that. A mainline Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch, announced by a guy at a desk, clearly hard at work!(hopefully on said Pokemon game) You can’t say that it didn’t come out of nowhere. And Pokemon always grabs our attention (maybe we feel a connection with the little fellas). That’s why Nintendo/Gamefreak are recipients of the Snake Award.


This is the big one. This is the award that goes to our game of the show. The game that we’re most excited for. If we’re being honest Sony and Insomniac could have just shown 30 seconds of the web-head swinging through New York and we’d have been salivating as much as Sam the Salamander. But no, Sony gave us a good 10-minute gameplay demo showing off combat, traversal, story, and characters. It was perfect. And so the prestigious Purple Reptiles Dino Award goes to Spider-Man.

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