Spider-Man has been a mainstay in popular culture for many years, and he is soon to return with a brand new movie, featuring Tom Holland as the titular hero, and a brand new game, developed by Insomniac Studios.

At E3 this year, Insomiac reintroduced Spider-Man the game to the wider world in style, showing off new gameplay, which featured combat, story, traversal, and visuals. Overall, and unsurprisingly, the game went down very well, being many outlets game of the show. It even won our coveted Dinosaur Award for game of the show, a high honor indeed.

There was one aspect of the wallcrawler that did garner criticism however and that was the spidey suit. Featuring a white logo front and back, rather than traditional black, many people did not like it. But in our opinion, it works for a couple of reasons.


Insomniac, has already articulated that the suit looks like it does because it serves a purpose. If the idea that the suit looks that way because it’s helpful and it is articulated well in the game, then that is fine. Look at Batman, he had a yellow crest because it drew the eye and the ammo of an attacker to the most protective part of the suit, so it served an important purpose. If Spider-Man’s white crest serves a similar or just as significant purpose, then people should have no problem with it.


Outside of the game, Insomniac adjusting the traditional Spider-Man suit works perfectly for them because they can differentiate their Spider-Man from every other Spider-Man in history. By adjusting the suit significantly, Insomniac are putting their own stamp on the history of Spider-Man. They are showing everyone that this is their Spider-Man. It also serves and obvious purpose of being different from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man, clearly pointing to the fact that this is not a movie tie-in, but a free standing Spider-Man game, away from that entire universe.



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