At E3 2017, Insomniac Games exhibited their new Spider-Man game. While the game looks excellent, Spider-Man has been a mainstay of the gaming world for a long time now. But what other Marvel superhero deserves their own game? The name we came up with? Daredevil.

In homage to Daredevil’s alter ego, we’re going to set out a case for why he deserves his own game and how it could work, then let you, the reader, judge for yourselves.

Gavel at the ready. The court is in session.


We would first like to draw your attention to the difficulties surrounding gameplay for superhero games in general.

Creating a superhero game is as much about bringing their abilities to the game as anything else. Daredevil’s abilities are extremely conducive to a video game. Having no special or limitless powers, the devil of hell’s kitchen’s more grounded skills would be easier for a developer to translate to a game.

His heightened senses could act a bit like Batman’s detective mode in the Arkham series, allowing the players to perceive the world around them. This ability could be used to highlight enemies, objects or tactical advantages, mitigating the fact that Daredevil is blind.

With no super strength, combat could be challenging and rewarding. As we saw in the Netflix series, Daredevil is an expert in hand to hand combat, but that doesn’t mean enemies can’t deal significant damage to him in a fight situation. The vulnerability of Daredevil would introduce believable difficulty to the game, forcing players to think about combat situations based on strategy, rather than brute strength.

Perhaps, if this does not suit, you wish for more nuance in fights. The game could highlight Daredevil’s more ninja based move set, focusing more on stealth-based play.

These ideas might be taking cues from the Arkham series, but there is nothing wrong with that as long as the game put its own spin on the system. We do not advocate plagiarism in the Purple Reptiles court.


The world that the game is set is just as important as any gameplay mechanic. These days open-world is a must for a AAA game.What better city, or neighbourhood, to realise than Hell’s Kitchen.

A dark, gritty city in need of a hero would work really well as a grounding for a Daredevil game. Now, we are aware that Hells Kitchen is a small neighbourhood in New York, but we will take some artistic license with this one.

Due to the area being small, the developers could actually build interiors to buildings rather than focusing on the size of the city and its traversal. Daredevil was always a more grounded Marvel character, not like the globetrotting Iron Man or Captain America, that grounding should be used to the games advantage to create a well realised bustling neighbourhood, albeit one that’s not huge. Using the interiors of buildings would mitigate the lack of size and could be worked into gameplay extremely well.


Marvel’s cinematic universe is based on their superheroes sharing the world they live in. There is no reason they couldn’t try and implement this in their games. It’s not just Daredevil who is based in New York City. In fact, New York is the most superhero dense city in Marvel comics. Heroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and Captain America are all based in or around New York.

Could Marvel and Sony try and create a gaming universe with interactions between heroes in various games?

If the heroes are shared, then the villains could be too. Daredevil’s stock is as high as it’s ever been, coming off the back of the very successful Netflix series. A major reason for the success of that series was down to the villains. If we assume The Punisher, Bullseye and The Kingpin are some of Marvel’s best antagonists. Having a game pitting Daredevil against any or all of them is a mouth-watering prospect.


So far, we have focused on the hero, what about the lawyer. Daredevil would not just be about the man in the mask, but also the man out of it. Having you play a significant portion of the game as Matt Murdock in a judicial or courtroom situation would be unique among its peers. It is very rare for a superhero game to have any significant part revolving around the hero outside the respective suit. Arguably, Matt Murdock would be far more interesting than any other character in that sense. Say you fail to prosecute someone in a judicial courtroom as Matt Murdock. The obviously guilty man walks free, and Matt is left to rest on his laurels. As Daredevil you could dispense extrajudicial punishment on the perpetrator. Not all situations would go this way, maybe Matt succeeds in the courtroom. But that idea of multiple ways to ensure justice would differ a Daredevil game from all other similar games.


Daredevil is an interesting superhero, and his stock is very high. Marvel is apparently looking to try and conquer the gaming world as it has the movie and TV universe. Spider-Man will always be the flagship hero, but we hope we have shown you that there is no reason why Daredevil couldn’t have his own game. If Marvel is going to jump into the gaming universe, they can’t put all their eggs in Spidey’s web basket. Daredevil would be the perfect foil for him, a more grounded, literally, superhero in a less grandiose setting. He would be an excellent introduction for the lesser-known Marvel superheroes and villains who could end up being the backbone of their potential gaming universe.

These are the facts of the case, and they are undisputed.

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