Crash Bandicoot N.Sane trilogy has officially become the UK’s highest selling single platform release this year, beating the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Impressive, no?

Are we surprised with this news? Not really. Since he washed up on N.Sanity Beach, Crash has always been successful, and with the N.Sane trilogy releasing in the midst of retromania, it was never going to be a flop.

Unsurprisingly, older fans who remember Crash have bought it in their droves. More interestingly, though, it seems the N.Sane trilogy might have introduced new gamers to the boardshorts-clad Bandicoot and his tech-loving sister.

Will the success of the N.Sane force Activision to give Crash a new game? Possibly. In our opinion, though, they have to bring back Crash Team Racing.

We’ll admit, it’s not the most original observation, every Crash fan has called for a return of the kart racer. But surely with the success of the N.Sane trilogy, Activision would do well to put their money and resources into remastering CTR.


Bringing back Crash Team Racing would be brilliant for three reasons.

First, it would, like the N.Sane trilogy, capitalise on the nostalgia factor so eminently at play these days.

Second, It would fill the kart racer gap that the PS4 (and Xbox One if Activision takes Crash to the system) is missing.

And third, it would give Activision the best indication on whether Crash would sell without the nostalgia factor.

It would be silly for Activision to develop a new Crash game on the back of nostalgia sales. Instead, they should focus on remaking CTR.

Crash Team Racing was popular, but not as popular as the original trilogy. If it were to sell anywhere near the numbers the N.Sane trilogy has, then Activision may feel they could release a brand new Bandicoot adventure.

Above all else, though, Crash Team Racing should be remade because it’s a brilliant game.


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