I bet I know what you thought. You thought it was Dixie Carter. You thought it was Stephanie McMahon. You thought it was Chad Gable. Hell, you might have thought it was Hornswoggle or even Vinnie Mac himself.

Well, it was none of that eclectic group.

Instead, it was Jason Jordan, the one from American Alpha that is not Chad Gable.

In hindsight, from the moment WWE gave Gable a sniff at singles competition, it was obvious that Jason was on his way. But, it was still a surprise when Kurt Angle announced that Jason Jordan was his son from a liaison Kurt engaged in while at college.

This entire, ahem, angle, has taken upwards of two months to effectively start and has involved Corey Graves leaving announcing duties to console and help Kurt in the face of this mystery.

Now, to say that the WWE knew exactly where it was going when this angle started is probably affording it too much credit, however, we are not here to rag on the WWE. No, we are here to explain how this angle could make a star out of Jason Jordan, and give Angle what he craves: one, final, match.

The only way this (I’m going to use storyline from now on) storyline will work, is if it is a slow burn. It has to culminate with a WrestleMania match between father and son.

We won’t book the whole storyline, because, frankly, that would take too long. But, we will go over the main points.


The start of this storyline has to be the father-son bonding sessions, but rather than make them cheesy, make them useful. Have Kurt teach Jason the workings of the ankle lock and then have Jordan use that as his finisher. It adds a believable bonding moment, rather than a silly montage with Julie Andrews blaring, and it also gives Jason Jordan a new mechanic to his wrestling. Oh, and using that finisher will play into the eventual story.


The storyline would simply see a blossoming relationship eventually souring. But what it must not do is use the ‘I was never your son, I just used you’, that’s too soap opera. No, it needs to be more nuanced. Have Jordan get irritated in his lack of winning. Have him get irritated by his father’s help. Have it be anything, as long as it makes sense and takes time. They could even look at the crowd reaction, and have Jordan become irritated at the adulation directed towards his father and the silence directed towards him. This is the most important part of the storyline and WWE have to do it correctly,


The slow breaking down of the relationship would culminate with a WrestleMania match between the two, with Jordan going over clean with an ankle lock submission victory. The match would be intense, tell a good story, and allow Kurt, still a very good worker, a chance to face off against a young and excellent worker in Jason Jordan. They could easily put on a 4* match. It would be better than a slow match with the Game, Triple H, something that has been much rumoured.


If done correctly, the end of this storyline would see a nuclear-heel in Jason Jordan. The RAW after WrestleMania could see Jordan exulting over how he forced Kurt Angle to tap out to the Ankle lock. The boos would be deafening.

No one wants to boo Angle, he is beloved, but anyone who tries to end his career would gain a huge amount of heat. That has to be Jason Jordan, and that heat would be hotter if it was culminated over a slow, well thought out, build.

But this is the WWE, so they will probably have Jordan claim Angle is not his father and turn on him after SummerSlam. Or they’ll have Angle turn on Jordan, or they’ll bring in the McMahons. Still, we live in hope.

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