Overall, this week’s Raw wasn’t too bad. Most of the matches moved stories along as best they could, and nearly all of them involved engaging storytelling that will come to fruition later (apart from Nia Jax squashing Emma).

Finding a good was pretty easy this week, but bad and ugly, that was harder. But, by George, we did it.


A couple of contenders for this weeks good– the cruiserweight segment was very good, the opening segment was as good as could be and the Ellias Finn Balor match was excellent, up to Bray’s interference. But, by far, the best part of the show was the match between Sasha Banks and Bayley to become the number one contender.

Not only was this match excellent from a technical standpoint, but it also involved some very good storytelling. While Bayley was working her usual style, Sasha seemed to be incorporating more heel tactics. She slapped Bayley, hard, a few times while also using the turnbuckles and ropes as weapons. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, Sasha can pretty much do anything and be loved, but with Alexa Bliss seeding discontent between the two by pointing out that Sasha is a bit, arrogant, before Sasha pretty much proved it during an interaction with Bayley before the match, then Sasha’s heel moves, however small, become more significant.

A great match with interesting ramifications to come.


As we said earlier, finding a bad this week was difficult, everything was either good or meh, but one thing did stand out.

The main event between the Miztourage, and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose was a serviceable match, again with decent storytelling between Seth and Dean. The bad, in this instance, came from the choice of victors. Why have the Miztourage beat down both guys last week and look strong, only to have them fall at the first hurdle, it doesn’t make sense. WWE could easily have furthered Seth and Dean’s story by having them lose to the Miztourage (which would be a protected loss because, you know, three on two) which would, in turn, have the Miztourage looking strong, giving them more of a shelf life.

To compound this, the tag champs, Sheamus and Cesaro, were watching the match, probably scouting the Miztourage, and with them losing, any chance of a legitimate tag title match goes out the window. It leaves the Miztourage as pointless cogs in a non-existent story. It was silly booking that practically kills Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, again.


Pretty simple this week, Enzo’s tights and shorts were horrendous. We are rapidly losing investment in the Enzo, Cass, Big Show thing and Enzo’s shockingly bad ring attire isn’t helping. We get he is meant to be unique, but there is a difference between unique and bad.

Now, we don’t usually critique ring attire, but apart from an ugly looking big boot, delivered by Cass to Enzo, there is not a lot else we could put in this segment. Sorry, Enzo.


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