Following a dismal Battleground Pay-per-view, SmackDown Live needed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat to undo some of the damage the aforementioned PPV did.

For the most part, they managed to do just that. SmackDown Live was bookended by a hilarious opening segment between the returning Chris Jericho, (I’m back maaaannnn!) new US Champion Kevin Owens and former champ AJ Styles, and the match that was the result of the segment, a triple threat for the title.

Still, that doesn’t mean it was the perfect repost to Battleground, oh no, we found a Bad and an Ugly for Y’all.


As mentioned, the opening segment between three of the best promo guys in the WWE was hilarious, leading to AJ being placed on the List. On any other SmackDown Live, that segment would be the week’s good, but no, this week’s good is the triple threat match these three put on to close the show.

What a match it was. I could not do it justice writing about it here, but highlights included a swift segment of kicks between the trio, incredible false finishes and a clever eventual finish. It was excellent and better than any match at Battleground, including the tag match. If you haven’t, go and watch it!


As is the way with WWE, SmackDown Live wasn’t perfect. It contained a couple of bad moments, like the burial of the Kanellis’ and the slightly wooden promos of Naomi and Natalya. The big bad this week, though, was the segment between John Cena and Jinder Mahal.

While the two promos were serviceable, the fact that Cena just re appears and gives himself a shot at the title baffles me, or at least it did until Daniel Bryan came out to inform John he has to earn a title shot. How you may ask? By facing Shinsuke Nakamura next week. The problem with this is if Cena wins, WWE will do even more harm to Nakamura. It is a pointless match, but one in which Cena should do the honours. We will wait for judgement next week as to whether WWE does the right thing. Overall though, this segment felt like a way of trying to divert people from the obvious Cena title win.


During the women’s tag match featuring Lana, who has changed her attire by the way, and Tamina vs Charlotte and Becky Lynch, Lana was the recipient of a few ‘you can’t wrestle chants’. We know Lana is not a great wrestler, especially when she is in the ring with the likes of Charlotte and Becky, however, not only is that the storyline point, she is being helped by Tamina, but also, she’s not really doing it on purpose. Lana is trying to learn her craft as she goes and she deserves respect for that. It is not her fault WWE pushed her to main, so rather than destroying her confidence with horrible chanting, giver her respectful applause and let the match play out.

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