RAW this week was a mixed bag. It all started well and kept up that momentum to the advertised triple threat on the 2-hour mark. After that, though, it all sort of petered out, like they didn’t have enough fuel, so they dumped it all at the start in the hope momentum could get them over the line. In the end, they did, but only just.

But that’s not why y’all are here. No, you wanna hear us give our Good, Bad & Ugly for this week’s show.

Well, if you insist.


Unusually for the WWE, the good this week revolves around storytelling. I know, mad isn’t it.

The Seth & Dean, will they, won’t they saga picked up more steam this week. Dean does not trust Seth, still, which causes an upset Rollins to pick a fight with Sheamus and Cesaro (foreshadowing anyone?). While he wins the match against Sheamus, he is of course beaten down, which brings Dean to the party who also cops a beating, pretty brutally we might add. At this point, you would assume a mutual beating would bring them back together, but the WWE, in an isolated incident of clever writing, have Dean believe Seth set him up by picking a fight he would need help in.  Dean felt he would look the bad guy if he didn’t help and that it was manipulation by Rollins. It was a clever twist that kept the fire in this storyline for another week. It also keeps alive the slim possibility of an Ambrose heel turn.

All this played out across four segments and three hours throughout the show, and it never felt forced. So, in a rare act of congratulations, well done WWE. Don’t screw it up!


Miz TV is the gift that throws out gems and turds, sometimes simultaneously. In this instance, it was probably both. This week Miz interviews Jason Jordan. On the surface this was a good move; Miz can get any baby face over and it puts Jordan in at the deep end. The problem is Jordan is still not great on the mic and while Miz can cover–because he is brilliant on the stick–we still got the feeling they could have brought these two together more subtly without the need to expose Jordan. JJ’s great strength is his ring work, why have him do a sit-down interview–albeit with a rough and tumble end–when you know he is not great on the mic? It all seemed a bit silly and slightly rushed. Which is a shame, because this could be a good feud that could get JJ over huge.

WWE needs to put JJ in the ring as much as possible to get him over as Kurt’s son ability wise, rather than talking wise. Also unless, as we assume it will, the gaining of the upcoming IC title shot plays a part in the story, it is too soon to put JJ in that spot. Not a terrible segment, just maybe not thought out properly.


As is becoming usual, a few minor uglies this week. First, we don’t like Jeff Hardy’s Twist Of Fate being taken as a stunner, it looks ugly and makes little sense. Have him place opponents in the move reverse like the old days, so it becomes a twist neck breaker. Second, CM Punk chants! The only time that chant is acceptable is if the McMahons–apart from Shane–or Triple H are onscreen, otherwise, LET IT GO. And finally, Nia Jax completely whiffed a standing elbow drop on Bayley, almost comically.  WWE needs to be careful about over-exposing her, she clearly needs more training, so limit her to squash matches.



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