As go-home shows go, RAW this week wasn’t bad. Packed out with feel-good moments, title changes and anticipation building on a monumental scale, RAW was definitely not a slog.

It did suffer a little from boredom in the middle part, as RAW usually does, but it was a show pocketed with very good to excellent moments.

Of course, though, even the best have “bad” and “ugly” moments.


For the third week in a row, the Seth-Dean Shield reunion was the highlight of this week’s RAW for us. Yes, the final segment between the Universal title contenders was great, but this was better simply because it was a better story.

After a couple of swerves, a fight between the two and interference from Sheamus and Cesaro, both men finally extended the Shield first at the same time to confirm their re-coupling and their intention to win the tag-team championships.

This was a fantastic end to the second act of a great story. Both men struggled, but eventually, a fight between them was what tipped them over the edge, it was clever storytelling that we are not used to from the WWE. Add a molten crowd and the moment really was something special.

However, we would like to think that this story still has a sting in the tail. A heel turn maybe?


Ok, not only am I bored with the Enzo, Big Cass and Big Show storyline, but now it has become even more convoluted.

With Big Cass working his way through a good promo, helped by an unusually hot crowd, he was interrupted by Enzo. Enzo then does his usual schtick before introducing the Big Show. Following this was a comical side-to-side involving a shark cage before, for some reason, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come out to help Big Cass do damage to the Big Show’s hand.


Why are Anderson and Gallows out there? We are a week before SummerSlam and suddenly two more people have been added to this feud that has already outstayed its welcome. It makes no sense and just muddies the already filthy water. We can’t wait for this feud to be over.


Speaking of Enzo, his trousers were an abomination. But that’s his gimmick, so we’ll let it pass. Another “ugly” moment was the phone that materialised during the beatdown of Ambrose and Rollins by the tag champs. It took us out of the action because we were looking to see if the phone would survive. To their credit, the superstars involved at least didn’t let it bother them.

The big “ugly” this week, though, was the vicious swing into the barricade sustained by Sasha Banks at the hands of Nia Jax. This time, it didn’t look dangerous from Nia, instead, it just looked painful. Sasha is excellent at being a rag doll and she sold it perfectly.


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