We all watched it, we know SummerSlam wasn’t great. Save for a fantastic main event, where four massive men brutalised each other for 25 minutes, the Pay-Per-View was a bit of a slog–not helped by being a four-hour show!

Coming into RAW, we were burned out and not excited by the prospect of another three-hour slog. Luckily, RAW was extremely enjoyable and almost flew by. But, as ever, we found some good, some bad and some ugly.


BRAAAAUUUUUNNNNN!!!! As mentioned, the SummerSlam main event was excellent. A huge part of that excellence was Braun Strowman literally pushing a table on top of Brock Lesnar. The Beast. The man who eats up and spits out everyone fed to him. How could WWE capitalise on this incredible moment? Have them continue on RAW.

After a typically, and not undeservedly, gloating promo from Paul Heyman, Braun Strowman hit the ring, stared down the Beast, kicked him, hit him with two running power slams, held up the universal title, and left. Perfect.

The anticipation of these two locking horns for the title at No Mercy makes us shudder, and the fact that the WWE is giving it to us, and making it interesting thanks to Braun destroying Brock again, just makes it that much more enjoyable.


Damn beach balls! When Cesaro ran into the crowd and tore apart a beach ball that had been floating around at SummerSlam, we all thought “right on, get rid of the f*cker”. However, it dawned on us that, by acknowledging it, copycats would sprout up quicker than weeds. This was the case last night.

In what was a decent to good match between Jason Jordan and Finn Balor, a beach ball materialised and promptly took all of the crowd’s attention. To say this annoyed us would be a huge understatement, like you might get sore eyes if you look directly at the lunar eclipse. In the ring, we have two good workers putting on a perfectly good match, which we really enjoyed, and the crowd couldn’t care less. To top it off, many in the crowd probably complain that Finn Balor doesn’t get the push he deserves. What do you expect when you ignore him for a f*cking beach ball! WWE needs to get a grip of this before it gets out of hand.


If this wasn’t a shoot, then it was incredible selling. In another, and what we hoped would be the last, match against Enzo Amore, Big Cass took a tumble to the outside and looked to put his knee out. Admirably trying to continue the match, Cass attempted his Empire Elbow, but his knee, painfully, gave way, and the match was abandoned. It looked incredibly painful, in more ways than one, for Cass.

Considering that this was a street fight, where there are no disqualifications, the fact the match was stopped suggests a serious injury to Cass, which is a shame because he was coming out of this feud and hopefully moving on the bigger and better things. Really unfortunate timing.

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