Full disclosure, for the first time this season, we missed the Grand Prix. We did, however, manage to catch the highlights. So, while our review won’t be as extensive as usual, we will still bring you some thoughts of the title tussle, the ‘moment of the GP’ and the ‘driver of the race’.


Hamilton winning was not a huge surprise coming into the Belgian Grand Prix. With the Mercedes being the better car at the more power heavy tracks, the fact Lewis Hamilton won was nothing we didn’t expect. The fact that Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari was so close to the Brit, though, was more of a surprise. Still, Hamilton drove an excellent race and reminded everyone how good he is and that even under intense pressure, from Sebastian Vettel, who was rarely more than two seconds behind, he doesn’t crack.

Hamilton and Mercedes were banking on the two races following the summer break, Spa and Monza, as tracks where they could close the gap. With Ferrari closer than anticipated, though, and Monza being their home track, Mercedes may need to reassess their strategy. This is especially true when considering Singapore, a track where Ferrari are expected to dominate is coming up.

Monza will be a title defining race. If Hamilton and Mercedes win, the gap will be nonexistent going into the final ‘flyaways’ of the season. If Vettel and Ferrari win, the gap will be at least 14 points, which will become increasingly difficult for Hamilton to overcome.


The Force India’s are imploding on a spectacular scale, coming together again at Spa. With Ocon angry that Perez, who was behind him, got a beneficial pit stop, he attempted to overtake him coming down the hill to Eau Rouge. Perez squeezed his teammate towards the inside wall, causing Ocon to break his front wing and Perez ended up with a puncture.

It was a ridiculous move from Perez and cost him and his team. Force India have to sort this situation out because it’s costing them valuable constructors’ points.


He drove extremely well at the front under pressure from Vettel, so it has to be Lewis Hamilton.

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