RAW has been on a bit of a role in recent weeks. The shows bookending SummerSlam were excellent, and it seemed to be on the right track. This week, though, while not terrible, was just boring. One tremendous segment cannot save a show, and with a dearth of good matches, RAW was always gonna struggle.

We did find some ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’, though, because there is always some ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘ugly’.


oof baby this was harsh. To hype up their match at No Mercy, John Cena and Roman Reigns came out for the contract signing. Expecting nothing more than a standard promo, and possibly a fight, we were left gasping at what we watched. Both men unloaded on each other with a bevvy of meta references, some of which must have hit close to the bone for both men.

Cena called Reigns a pale, corporate, bootleg imitation of himself. While Reigns bemoaned Cena’s lack of full-time status and his penchant for burying younger talent. Cena then fired back, pointing out that he hasn’t main-evented Wrestlemania in five years and was first through the curtain at this years SummerSlam. And, if it was needed, Cena explained how he won the US title and defended it regularly, giving the rub to smaller talents, but when Reigns won it, he treated it as a demotion. Ouch.

It was a slightly bizarre segment, but must-view. If you haven’t watched it, seek it out.


Sticking with that segment, the only negative coming out of it was it over-exposed Roman Reigns. Anyone who believes this is the WWE burying Reigns is deluded. He is still their guy, they just believe this will get him over.

Unfortunately, this segment, while allowing him to get his barbs him, exposed his still-poor promo skills. It is also questionable whether this will get him over. If he goes on to beat Cena, it won’t magically get him more over than he was before. It’s the perfect situation to turn Roman heel, but they aren’t gonna do it.

Also, the entire segment led to a ridiculous tag-team match, pitting Cena and Reigns against Gallows and Anderson, that wasn’t necessary and was jarring, considering what was said before.


Incredibly, it’s a clean sweep for one segment. while this was an incredible segment to watch, it got ugly at points. Especially when Cena massacred Roman when he briefly struggled with his promo skills. ‘It’s called a promo big dog, if you’re gonna be a top star, you’re gonna have to learn how to do it’. My word!

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