For many people, the Assassins Creed games are very similar or borderline replications one another. The traversal, combat, protagonists, and story are all cookie-cutter pieces, transferred from one game to the next with minimal tweaks, to give the illusion of difference. Assassin's Creed Origins looks like it will break that particular mould. The gameplay, including... Continue Reading →

Spider-Man has been a mainstay in popular culture for many years, and he is soon to return with a brand new movie, featuring Tom Holland as the titular hero, and a brand new game, developed by Insomniac Studios. At E3 this year, Insomiac reintroduced Spider-Man the game to the wider world in style, showing off... Continue Reading →


Video game Christmas is over! As E3 closes its doors for another year, we here at Purple Reptiles thought we would give out some prestigious (and not so prestigious) awards. TORTOISE AWARD--EA'S PRESS CONFERENCE Apart from some bright spots--A Way Out and Janina Gavankar for example--, EA's press conference was plodding, and in some parts, uncomfortable... Continue Reading →

For many people, Spider-Man is their favourite superhero. He manages to marry being a total bad-ass with abilities we'd give our left leg for, and being a relatable normal guy to which being a superhero is a difficulty he could sometimes do without. It's that marriage that we want to see Insomniac really emphasise in their new game.... Continue Reading →

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