Even the most ardent F1 fan, when asked to name Constructors' Championship winners, would struggle to remember Vanwall. That is not to say, however, that they weren't important to the sport. Vanwall was the plucky British team that broke the monopoly of Ferrari, Mercedes and Maserati in the late fifties. It was also the winner... Continue Reading →


Here's a pub quiz question for you: Which team entered a six-wheeled car in the Formula One World Championship? The answer? Tyrrell. While it may sound like Tyrrell's greatest success is being a pub quiz question, in actuality, the team was a successful mainstay of the F1 circus for many years. Tyrrell, named after founder,... Continue Reading →


Many different teams have competed in Formula One. Some, have gone on to win world championships and their place in history. Others have faded into pub quiz question style mediocrity. Some teams are the product of massive car companies looking for some track success, think Mercedes or Ferrari. And some teams started life as sponsors;... Continue Reading →


Maserati is one of the most luxurious car makers around today. The Italian manufacturer has always been compared to the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini for making fast, luxurious, expensive cars. Like its compatriots, Maserati has produced some gorgeous looking cars in its past.¬†Also like its compatriots, it has raced in the world's premier motorsport:... Continue Reading →

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